One important component of a wedding is a flower bouquet. A wedding flower bouquet can describe the happiness of the bride, especially the bride.

No bride can refuse weddings flowers, there are even some brides who keep the bouquet of wedding flowers after the event is over. If you are interested in doing so, there are several ways you can save your wedding flowers:

1. Paste Flowers On Books

The first thing that’s easiest for you to do is to preserve a bouquet of wedding flowers by sticking them on a book. This method is very easy, you can choose the flower you like, then place it and press it then glue it with glue to a book that is thick enough. Let the flowers stick perfectly for a few hours. To make it look more elegant, you can choose a book with brown paper and stick some photos close to your wedding flowers. Apart from being pleasing to the eye, the book can be a special keepsake for you in remembering the beautiful memories of your marriage to your partner.

2. Hang a Flower Bouquet

The second way is to put a bouquet in a favorite place, for example, hang it in a cupboard or keep it in another favorite place. You just need to clean the flowers from any dirt that might stick, and make sure the flowers are still tied properly.

Next, tie the bouquet with a string and hang it in a place exposed to sunlight. The goal is that the flowers can dry out perfectly and not rot because they are watery. Besides being easy, this method means you don’t have to unpack your wedding flower bouquet.

3. Preserve With Silica Gel

If it’s difficult to hang a bouquet, the third way is with silica gel. Using Silica gel is a safe way to dry flowers because silica gel can absorb water and make flowers dry within 1 – 7 days. You can buy silica gel at the nearest flower shop. What you need to do first is cut the flowers or place them directly on the silica gel that has been put in a container.

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