ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental disorder that causes children to have difficulty paying attention, and has impulsive and hyperactive behavior. This condition can have an impact on children’s achievement in school. Until now, the main cause of ADHD is not known with certainty. However, this condition is thought to be influenced by genetic and environmental factors. The exact cause of ADHD is not known. However, research shows that there are several factors that can increase a child’s risk of developing ADHD, including genetic and environmental factors. ADHD is also thought to be related to disturbances in the pattern of brain electrical flow or brain waves. You can find out about teenage mental health on our website.

There are also those who think that hyperactive behavior disorders in children are caused by a sugar rush or excessive sugar consumption. However, this has not been proven true.

The main symptoms of ADHD are difficulty paying attention, as well as impulsive and hyperactive behavior. People with ADHD generally can’t stay still and always want to move. People with ADHD may also have learning difficulties, such as difficulty reading or writing. ADHD generally appears in children under 12 years of age. However, in many cases, ADHD symptoms can be seen since the child is 3 years old. ADHD that occurs in children can carry over into adulthood.

ADHD Treatment
ADHD can be treated with medication or psychotherapy. Please note that parents, families, caregivers, and teachers in schools also need guidance to deal with children with ADHD. ADHD cannot be completely cured, but treatment can relieve symptoms and help sufferers lead a normal life.

ADHD Prevention
The emergence of ADHD in children cannot be prevented. However, pregnant women can reduce the risk of ADHD in their children by staying away from cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and drugs, especially during pregnancy. In addition, keep children away from cigarette smoke and exposure to toxic substances.

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