You may have received advertisements from mobile phones for an item or product that you are planning to buy. If this is true, of course, it is a notification about a sale or offer that you are the target of the seller of the item or product. Or in this case, you may have received a coupon notification when you crossed the cafe, that is of course a seller’s strategy for those of you who are interested in stopping by to come to the cafe. Of course, this has happened to many people. Where to suddenly get notifications related to business, be it coupons, discounts, or other forms of offers, which of course make you interested in coming to the place of business. That is a strategy that is usually done by business people to get potential customers to their place. This happens because these business actors use geofencing marketing. For those of you who are interested in implementing geofencing marketing in your business, then you can ask for help from professionals to process the geofencing marketing you want to be perfect. In this case, you don’t need to be confused because there are already several geofencing companies that are here to help you.

But in this case, if you can do it yourself or you are an expert at doing it, then you can do it for your business. but if you don’t understand, it’s better if you leave it to a more experienced party to get the results as expected, where of course this will have a good effect on the progress of your business as well.

The use of geofencing can be used in various ways. There will be several channels that you can choose from and these can be selected based on the needs of your brand, traffic, service or product, audience, and so on.

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