Living or visit in the United States is a dream for many people with different goals.
For example, for college or work. The United States does offer many attractions such as culture, modernization, salaries, to the quality of education.

Uncle Sam’s country is also not infrequently a tourist destination for Indonesian citizens.

If you have plans to live in the United States, be it as a student or worker, coincidentally, everything will be discussed in this article.
We will provide tips on managing the cost of living in the United States and tips on saving the cost of living there.

Conditions in the United States The economy of the United States which is advanced makes the cost of living there higher.
For that, you need to manage expenses so you can live there.

If you are a worker then the best choice of place to live there is the type of flat or apartment.
The average cost of renting an apartment in the United States is much more expensive. You can choose a city with cheap apartment rental fees, namely Colorado.
Also keep in mind that the cost of the apartment does not include food, self-care, health, and more.

To manage your expenses, it is recommended that you make a budget list starting with food, gas, lodging, to entertainment.
By doing careful calculations every month, you can control expenses and even reduce living expenses to make them more economical.

Meanwhile, for your daily food needs, it is recommended that you shop at the local supermarket.
Apart from being closer, shopping at local supermarkets is quite cheap and affordable.
You can adjust the ingredients according to your individual needs.

Meanwhile, for those who want to go to college, you can live in campus dormitories.
However, not all campuses provide this facility. You need to look for lodging details when registering.
Campuses that provide lodging usually include additional services such as catering, so that the cost of daily meals can be reduced.
In addition, you also do not need to pay for transportation.

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