The love and affection puppies bring into our lives cannot be disputed. Our animal buddies enjoy having us around by waving their tails and barking in a lively manner. But how can you know whether your dog has a particular soft spot for you? As the Best Puppies for Sale provider, Trusted Puppies have compiled a list of clear indicators that your dog is over heels in love with you.

Your puppy’s body language might help you determine whether or not they like you. Your dog’s physique will show how pleased and at ease they are around you. Look for a clear stance, a wagging tail, and relaxed ears. Your dog might also try touching you physically by cuddling up or putting their paw on your lap.

The way your dog behaves while you’re not around is another indication of how affectionate they are. Your puppy will miss you and be delighted to see you if they joyfully welcome you when you get home.

Puppy play is another way that they express their affection. Your dog will appreciate spending time with you if they are willing to play with you and indulge in goofy antics. For example, they might bring you their preferred toys to play with or start fetch or tug-of-war matches.

Last but not least, pups demonstrate their devotion by being receptive to instruction. Your puppy will trust and respect you as their pack leader if they obey your directions and turn to you for advice. They might also act affectionately toward you by extending your paw or licking your face.

At Trusted Puppies, one of the most fulfilling elements of puppy parenting is creating a close relationship with your four-legged friend. By learning your pup’s body language, behavior, and play preferences, you can improve your connection and build a happy, loving home for your pet.

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