Clickfunnels is a popular SaaS company that provides tools for online businesses, and we offer a Clickfunnels free trial program to our customers so they can see if the software is right for them. It is a great way to see if the software suits your needs because the trial lasts up to 6 months and you can cancel it anytime during this period without any consequences.

The sales funnel aims to understand the stages of the customer before deciding to buy the products that your business offers.

The following is a sales funnel implementation strategy that we developed as the results of increasing your sales prospects.

1. Build Brand Awareness
Prospects tend to come up with a need or problem they have. They will find solutions through social media, advertisements, and so on. They will look for solutions through social media, advertisements, Google searches, and other media.

2. Develop Interest
After potential buyers show interest in your product or service. Once you’ve shown interest, you need to ‘train’ potential buyers to keep visiting your content. For that, it is necessary to create an interesting content marketing strategy so that they stay in the funnel.

3. Drive Prospect Decisions
They pay more attention to the existing offers, including the available options, until they finally decide to buy. One of the sales tips you can do to encourage customers to transact is by providing reviews and testimonials from many buyers.

4. Facilitate Action
All purchasing processes should be made as good as possible so that customers feel satisfied and increase their loyalty. At this stage, the business owner can start counting.

5. Maintain Good Relationships
Has the prospect been converted to a customer? If so, this does not mean your efforts are finished here. After a prospect makes a purchase, you still have to maintain a good relationship with them.

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