HRD is an acronym for Human Resource Development. HRD is a division that assists employees in developing their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. The focus of all aspects of HRD is on developing a qualified workforce so that the company’s targets are more easily achieved. HR development can be formal such as training classes, college courses, or planned change efforts from the company. Or it could be informal such as employee coaching by industry experts or by a manager. Find out about talent acquisition specialist on our website.

The HRD division is very important for every company to be more dynamic and oriented towards growth. In contrast to other resources, human resources have wider potential capabilities. A series of processes within this division are very important for employee orientation and retention. Without proper training and learning and development of professional skills employees will be difficult to develop. Therefore, the existence of HRD is very important for a company because of its role in ensuring a match between individual and company needs.

HRD is seen as important to increase the productivity and profitability of the company and create a better relationship between employees and the company. In addition, there are still many benefits from the existence of this division. Some of these benefits include:

Development of new skills, attitudes and knowledge
Increase trust and respect
Increase commitment at work
Increased acceptance of the changing world of work, because employees are equipped with problem solving skills.
Improve team morale and overall employee career growth
Work culture within the company is more effective and efficient
Increase employee participation rate
Decision making related to employee policies and programs becomes more effective.

The main function of HRD is to improve employee performance and skills. There are many things that employees can learn about job duties and responsibilities and then develop them while doing the job. This development includes knowledge about the company or the specific tasks of each field that they may not get from education.

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