Geofencing has crept into a wide variety of applications over the last few years and has increased everything from to-do lists to household management. The following examples are just that, samples taken from the various available applications that are meant to highlight the different ways in which app developers are using geo fencing. You could get all the information you need at our website. However, it could not be ignored that geo fencing helps your productivity now more than ever.

One of the most frustrating things, when it comes to productivity and getting work done, is remembering that you need to do something when you are not in the right place to do it. If the dry cleaner is on the way home from work then it is useful to have the process of leaving work trigger a reminder to get dry cleaning. If you need files from a particular computer at work it is useful to trigger reminders when you arrive at work the next day. Do you keep forgetting to buy that adapter at the hardware store? Set location-based reminders so the next time you’re at a store you won’t leave without them.

Steal the Mona Lisa? Better to set geo-located reminders. These location-focused triggers and reminders are built into a large number of popular productivity apps. Todoist’s cross-platform todo list app supports location-based reminders on iOS and Android. RememberTheMilk’s popular cross-platform service also supports location-based reminders. iPhone users who only need a simple reminder without the hassle of a complete task management system can also attach a location to any item in the Reminders app.

Smarthome’s controls are an area where geofencing shines. After all, the saying of “The future is now!” applies to the help of geofencing. Now with the help of it, you could enjoy the home or away detection like the cooling and heating with the handy applications on your smartphone that pairs with the smart Nest thermostat or Honeywell. Android users can use IFTTT scripts or Nest components in the Life360 app to do the same.

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