Electricity in any industry is a very important thing for the continuity of the industry to run, therefore there is a need for an electrician installation technician with nen 3140 certificaat. Electricity in the industrial factory environment is a source of life for the functioning of production machines. This is because the power source is the primary power source that is supplied to the prime movers of production machines.

In industrial plants, electricity needs are divided into several item points, for example as follows:

– Electricity to operate production machines is coordinated by a technician.

Electricity for Environmental Lighting for Industrial factories which are coordinated by an Electrical Installation Technician.

To operate production machines in industrial facilities, create a safe and comfortable work area and avoid potential dangers that can befall the production machine operator as well as employees and workers in the vicinity. , Automatically requires lighting in the form of lights. The company automatically needs an expert in the field of electrical installation, an electrician, because the operation of production machines requires lighting power.

The requirements to become an Electrical Installation Technician must have the basics of electricity and be relatively capable in their fields. The electrician also knows in detail how to install the correct electrical installation according to the needs of the installation or industrial plant. The main duties of industrial companies as Electrical Installation Technicians are:

– Repairing damaged production machines in electrical installations so that production machines can be immediately reused.
– Carry out maintenance work on parts of the production machine’s electrical equipment to prevent damage or serious problems while the production machine is operating.
– Electrical system repair to repair or improve the quality of the electrical system. To prevent repeated failures, we record and provide spare parts of electrical equipment for production machines as spare parts.

On the other hand, the duties of an Electrical Installation Technician are as follows. Electrical installation Maintain system condition to ensure safety and troubleshooting. Become the main coordinator in the field of electrical equipment. Handling all problems related to electrical installations.

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