Moldavite stone is a rare and intriguing stone, however there is considerable misunderstanding regarding its nature. Is it made of glass or crystal? We at Inner Vision Crystals are here to correct the record before you want to buy moldavite.

The gist of it is that technically, moldavite is a kind of glass. It is specifically a tektite, a sort of glass that develops when a meteorite collides with the surface of the Earth. Tektites are created when the surrounding rocks and minerals fuse due to the extreme heat and pressure of the impact.

So why is moldavite sometimes referred to be a crystal? It’s because of the way it feels and looks, I suppose. The surface texture of moldavite is distinct and resembles that of numerous crystals. It is also considered to possess potent metaphysical and spiritual qualities, which are frequently connected with crystals.

However the fact that moldavite is a form of glass cannot be denied. Some people can find this puzzling, particularly those who are accustomed to thinking of crystals as being solid and opaque. Moldavite is only one example of a unique and fascinating stone that resists easy categorization. Still, the truth is that there are many different kinds of stones and minerals out there.

It goes without saying that moldavite is nonetheless valuable and potent despite being a form of glass. In fact, many individuals think that the unique qualities and origins of moldavite make it an even more powerful tool for spiritual development and communication.

Regarding stones and minerals, Inner Vision Crystals is aware of the value of authenticity and openness. They are dedicated to giving their customers genuine, premium moldavite stones that have been meticulously sourced and certified for this reason.

Inner Vision Crystals is pleased to provide a large variety of genuine moldavite stones that can assist you in accessing its energy and realizing its full potential.

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