Carpet lice or bed bugs are very annoying. It bites and causes itching which is very disturbing comfort activities go here. In addition to itching, the dangers of carpet mites are also causing infections due to scratching, allergies, lack of sleep and stress. You may install the carpet in some rooms in the house. To prevent this, you should be diligent in cleaning your carpet and replace with another carpet every few months. You can wash your carpet at carpet cleaning mosman. However, don’t worry, this carpet infestation problem can be solved in several ways:

– Use vacuum cleaner
Do the activity of vacuuming per room as a whole. Use the attachment nozzle to form a striped pattern on the surface of the carpet. Don’t forget to clean the corners of the room, the baseboard and the bottom of the furniture because ticks like to live in a dark and damp place.

Focus on areas where pets like to gather. And do this carpet vacuum activity every 10-14 days.

– Clean the mattress and sofa
In addition to carpet and furniture, you do not forget to clean the mattress and sofa. Sometimes lice can jump on the mattress then return to the carpet. So clean the mattress and sofa to be free from the sofa.

– Clean the vacuum cleaner trash
Depending on your type of vacuum cleaner, clean this dust that has been vacuumed. If your machine uses a vacuum cleaner, put it in a plastic bag, tie it and throw it outside the house.
If your vacuum only has a machine, remove the dust and everything that has been sucked into a plastic bag and throw it outside the house.
For those of you who have a hydro vacuum cleaner, you can dump the water in the toilet. Don’t forget to flush it.

– Wash pet beds
Use hot water when soaking and drying in the sun. If you are a washing machine user, also use a dryer that has been set at the hottest temperature.

– Sprinkle salt on the surface of the carpet
Sprinkle fine salt in the area where pets like to play, near the entrance, baseboard and under the furniture. Leave it on for two days before vacuuming it. And do not allow pets to enter before cleaning.

– Spray with vinegar liquid
Fleas do not like the smell of vinegar and can be used to kill adult fleas. To prepare, put a 1: 1 ratio of vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Close the bottle and shake it to mix it. After that spray the carpet with the mixture.
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