Facebook may be considered the biggest social network today. However, that does not mean other social media sites are not beneficial and good to try. Internet users are required to take advantage of this 140 character site. However, it would be better to use both of these social media platforms for your business and use local SEO services Dublin.

The use of Twitter is not just a medium for free Twitter, yet it can also be used for the interest of raising personal or corporate prestige. The following are the advantages of using Twitter in general.

– Build Personal Brand

Twitter provides a place for you to share photos, links to websites or blogs, as well as spaces to spawn ideas. This facility can at least be the beginning to create their own personal brand in the digital world.

– Directing Traffic to Blog / Site

Twitter can also be optimized as an angler tool. That is, if you have a blog or a personal site/company, then you can use Twitter as a medium to attract visitors. The trick is easy, just post interesting things that provoked the curiosity of many people. After that, if you want more detailed information, provide a link for your follower accessed. Of course the link leads to the blog or site in question.

– Real-Time Information

Information spreads very quickly on Twitter. The chirping that passes so fast is reflected back by the tweeps. This phenomenon that makes Twitter can be a medium to provide updated information in real time.

– Opening Network

Twitter users come from different backgrounds. And it’s not impossible they are important for career or related company activities, you can meet easily on Twitter. Furthermore, predictably, the network can begin to be knitted here.

– Spread your Idea

Have a brilliant mind? Do not just keep it in your heart. Well, can also be thrown through your tweet-tweet. If there are many interesting who retweet. Well, when delivered in a global language, of course, you can tweet worldwide.

– Hook the Global Audience

If we talk on the internet we can no longer think locally. Similarly, on Twitter, global netizens can interact easily. This condition can certainly be utilized by companies that want to hook global customers.

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