Factory machines are an important part to expedite the production process. One of the factors that affect the smooth production process is the machine. That is why maintenance from a vapro c operator is something that should not be missed considering the machine is one of the important organs for the company’s existence. Machine maintenance management is one of the right steps to manage when machines need maintenance. Thus, the machine work process in the factory continues to run smoothly so that the production process will not be hampered.

Several factors that must be considered so that products can remain competitive in the market are maintaining product quality, product prices are appropriate, and most importantly, products being produced quickly so that they can reach consumers immediately. For products that have a certain expiration date, the speed of production and the stage of delivery to consumers is very important. Because after all, consumers will prefer products that have just been produced rather than products that have been stored for weeks.

That is why to maintain the production process, the factory must be fully supported by machine tools that are always ready for use. So it is very important to always provide maintenance to factory machines regularly and also carefully planned. In this case, the company must have or develop a good factory machine maintenance management system. The maintenance phase itself is indeed part of the industry so this part is a mandatory thing that must be done by the company itself. The maintenance program itself has a very big role in supporting production activities. In addition to supporting the smooth production process, the maintenance stage of factory machines also plays a role in maintaining the quality of production.

Factory machine maintenance management objectives. There are important goals to be expected from maintenance management on these plant machines. because the focus of this management is the maintenance of machines, then of course this method aims to maintain the condition of industrial machines, buildings, and also various other equipment so that they are consistently in a ready-to-use state.

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