You can do this by using materials you have at home. Clogged pipes can indeed cause problems at home. Starting from clogged drains, and bad odors, to the risk of pipe leaks. So before the problem gets bigger, you need to address it immediately. Call the best plumbers San Diego or you can do it yourself using simple ingredients. You can get these materials easily and at relatively affordable prices. What are these ingredients and how do you use them? Here are the methods and materials that you can use to deal with clogged drains:

1. Water hose. The easiest way to deal with clogged drains is to use a water hose. Insert the water hose into the clogged pipe. Then flow the water into the pipe through the hose from the nearest faucet. You can use this method if the dirt that clogs the pipe is not too much. Or the dirt is not the type that is too attached to difficult to clean using a water hose alone.

2. Carbonated Drink. You can use carbonated or fizzy drinks to treat clogged drains. Carbonated drinks contain ingredients that can lift dirt on the pipe. You only need to pour two liters of carbonated drink into the channel. Then let stand for two hours for the carbonated drink to work properly. After that, flush the pipe with water until it is clean.

3. Lemon, Baking Soda, and Vinegar. If you have these three ingredients in your kitchen, you can use them to deal with clogged drains. Lemon, baking soda, and vinegar have ingredients that can remove dirt and grease. Suitable for cleaning the dirt that clogs the channel. How overcome a clogged drain with these three ingredients is easy. You only need to mix the three ingredients, then put them in the pipeline.

You can fix a clogged drain yourself using the ingredients mentioned above. However, if the damage continues, even to the point of leakage, you need to consider replacing it with a new pipe.

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