How to give a non-diamond engagement ring? The circular shape of the ring symbolizes a perpetual cycle, while the wearing of a ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is based on the belief that a vessel leads directly to the heart. This belief spread throughout the world and continues today.

Engagement rings with white diamonds are a favorite ring among couples who intend to strengthen their relationship and show their seriousness before moving on to a marriage. Diamonds are known to be the strongest precious stones, with a rating of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. The characteristics of a diamond make a diamond the symbol of eternal and pure love. However, do you know that in other countries, gemstones other than diamonds have been seen as a decoration for engagement rings? Check out the non-diamond engagement rings that are trending among young European and American couples, tanzanite engagement rings!

Here are some recommendations for custom engagement rings to give to your partner:

Beyond jewelry 14K White Gold Engagement Wedding Blue Natural Tanzanite Band Ring
Fahion Elegant Solid 14K White Gold Engagement Wedding Genuine Tanzanite Gemstone
Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Blue Tanzanite Women’s Ring
Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Oval Blue Tanzanite
Star K 14k white gold Round Classic Three 3 Stones Engagement Promise Wedding Ring
Gem Stone King 925 Sterling Silver Blue Tanzanite and White Topaz
Simulated Tanzanite Sterling Silver Tear Drop Halo Ring
14K White Gold Tanzanite Diamond Solstice Ring

In addition, what ring models can you choose? Here we will explain:

Solitaire Model
Solitaire style rings are the most frequently chosen models for engagement rings. The shape is simple, where the ring circumference is usually plain by accentuating the beauty and luster of the diamond at the center of the ring. Although this solitaire engagement ring is very simple and simple, it still looks elegant and sweet when worn. This model’s engagement ring goes great with a simple dress.

Three Stone Model
In the three stone model, there are three gemstones. One larger diamond is in the middle, and two smaller diamonds are on the left and right. Prices and designs for this engagement ring model can vary, depending on how big and small the size of the diamond is used. If you want to buy a simple engagement ring with this model, use a diamond size that is not too big and flashy. Guaranteed your engagement ring will still look simple even though it is decorated with three diamonds.

Halo model
The Halo ring is usually marked with a small diamond surrounding the main diamond in the center. This Halo ring model is also gaining popularity due to its elegant design, although it still looks simple and sweet in the hand.

Chanel model
Channel engagement rings are usually marked by the presence of the hook that supports the gemstone on the ring. Engagement rings with this style are known to be stronger because the hooks hold the gemstone firmly, making it suitable for people who are active and have a lot of physical activity. This ring model is perfect if you want to use a gemstone that is a bit larger. In addition, the gemstone in the middle will look very clear and elegant. The gemstone that is installed is deliberately designed to be the center of attention for rings with this model. Even though the gemstone used is rather large, this engagement ring still looks cute and simple.

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