Of the many screen recording applications or screen recorders available on the play store, you can choose according to the capacity of your smartphone. In addition, of course, each application has its own advantages that match your screen recording needs. With the various conveniences of screen recording applications, it is hoped that users will be wise in recording screens. You can record application demonstrations for education, record your favorite games for entertainment. As for screen recorder for windows 10, you can get on our website.

Avoid recording screens for illegal activities, such as live streaming of paid shows or movies on illegal websites. Because, if you do this activity, it will have a negative impact and include acts of piracy and these actions are prohibited by law.

Some screen recorder applications that you can choose:

Du Recorder- Screen Recorder, Video Recorder
Measuring 5.3 MB, this Du Recorder application can record up to Full HD as well. Some of the excellent features of Du Recorder are as follows.

Various resolutions, and video recording framerates are available
Applications can be dismissed by shaking the smartphone
Can create gifs from screen recordings
Can be used to live stream on youtube, Facebook and twitch

Winning the title of best of 2016 app, this 24 mb application can record screen easily. In addition, for those of you who want to record the screen as well as record faces, there is a face cam feature that can record faces through the front camera.

Screen Recorder
This application made by AppSmartz has a size of 29 mb. The unique feature of this application is Draw on screen or draw while recording the screen. Practical for those of you who record screens and need drawing facilities while recording.

In addition to applications that you can download, there is also a screen record method from the default smartphone application, As for Xiaomi smartphones, users can open a folder called tools or tools. In this folder, there is a screen recording application or screen recorder.

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