Direct selling or direct selling is a type of marketing strategy in which the seller will sell the product directly to consumers. Although direct, generally sellers are not done in retail stores. You can do it door-to-door or meet consumers directly. You as a marketer can go to the homes of targeted consumers. The offer of goods is done there by relying on persuasive abilities. The advantages of this strategy are the capital that does not need to be large, so it is suitable for businesses that do not have a large capital. However, the disadvantage is that marketers or marketers will be faster or more tired because they keep going. In addition, some communities or consumers are also not comfortable in this way because they are annoying and like being forced to buy. Aside from that, try the facebook instagram geofencing strategy if you wish to attract the nearby customers to your business more easily.

Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase (POP) is a marketing strategy by placing marketing material or advertisements near the product being promoted. This strategy is very suitable to be applied to retail stores that sell various kinds of products. According to research, around 64% of people who come to retail stores still have not determined the product to buy. You can use these conditions by directing them to buy your product. muster all product knowledge and communication skills so that consumers are interested and hard to resist. You can do this marketing strategy for product point of purchase by making a display with a special design that is interesting and placing it in a strategic place such as near the entrance and exit.

Internet marketing

Surely you are also familiar with this marketing strategy right? Internet marketing is a marketing strategy that is quite well known and carried out by many business people at this time. The easy and fast way to make this strategy is chosen. In addition, social media is also a great choice, such as Instagram, Facebook, websites, email marketing, and many others. This type of marketing strategy will run smoothly if you can create content that attracts buyers. Especially if you can create your own brand on social media, that is a very good advantage.

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