In today’s modern era, you may rely on cloud-based services such as Google Drive to maintain business productivity. The advent of cloud computing services and technologies has dramatically changed the way companies do business. We now live in a world where it is expected that information can be downloaded instantly. To continue to meet the high demands of instant access, businesses need to assess their network infrastructure. Slow internet speed, will certainly be the cause of loss in productivity and business efficiency. And in some of these areas, a fiber-optic network can help. For those of you who are interested in installing fiber optic cables, you can directly contact fiber optic cable installation contractors.

The advantage of using a fiber-optic network is that it can create a long enough transmission distance. So in this case fiber optic cable can be a low power loss medium, which means you can achieve higher bandwidth over transmission distances with greater speed. Even fiber optic cables can reach distances of about 10 kilometers compared to the maximum distance of 100 meters which is indeed the limit of copper cables. Meanwhile, if you ask what are the disadvantages of using fiber optics, the answer is that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

Fiber optic networks can provide higher connection speeds for multiple users. With great potential benefits such as improved cloud connectivity, better voice-over capabilities, and overall bandwidth, fiber optic networks can offer powerful advantages to help your business stay better connected. And with fiber-optic networks now becoming more accessible to residents and businesses, it is becoming easier to integrate fiber optic networks and achieve faster connectivity and greater productivity. Of course, in this case, you as a business owner must be smart in choosing the best network for increasing your business to be more advanced.

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