Some people may ask, when is the right time to wash the carpet with best carpet cleaning service near me? Carpet is a medium that can be used in every way, for example, to replace the floor or even to replace a sofa, but did you know that a carpet that looks clean turns out to be a lot of dirt and dust. Carpets are made of thread or fibrous fabric which easily stores dirt and dust in the fibers of the fabric, it’s not even just dirt and dust that can be stored in the carpet, bacteria, and fungi can also grow in the carpet. Other than being dirty, it is very harmful to healthiness from the skin to the respiratory and even induces very serious internal illness.

Of course, you don’t want a serious illness to be on you, just because of a very small thing, namely not paying attention to cleanliness. Carpets don’t need to be cleaned frequently for low-intensity use, for example in homes that are only used for certain purposes and not every day, but in an era like this home, carpets have become a part that is used with high intensity.

For example, in a relaxing room such as a TV room in every house, almost everyone who has a large family prefers to relax on the carpet, so it is enough to use it often. Therefore, it is necessary to wash every 6 months and vacuum to remove dust can be done every 2 weeks because the growth of bacteria and fungi in humid and dirty air is very fast.

In high-intensity use, we often encounter offices that use carpets as floor replacements, In offices that use carpets as floor replacement mats usually aim to provide comfort to the office area and give an exclusive impression to the office space, but not a few offices pay attention to carpet cleanliness.

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