There are many functions of carpets that are installed in the living room or family room of our home. From laying tiles, warming feet when walking on the floor, a place for family members to relax while relaxing, to minimizing the risk of broken objects when they fall to the floor. Now, of course, carpets are not only seen from the side of their use but also the aesthetic side. Therefore, you need to know tips on choosing a beautiful and quality carpet from carpet cleaning near me to add to the beauty of your room.

The use of carpets is not only done in large rooms because those of you who have a small family room or living room can too. As long as you know a few specific tips and tricks, you can change a narrow room so that it looks bigger with just a carpet. How do you do it? Check out some tips on choosing the following carpet so that the room looks more spacious:

Balance the size of the carpet and the room
The first thing to look at is your rug and room size comparison. Do not let the carpet make a narrow room appear more crowded. The carpet should not cover more than 50% of the floor area of ​​the room. But don’t be too small to appear separate on their own. A carpet that is too small will make the room look unbalanced.

Adjust to the room theme
First, pay attention to what the theme of your room is. Don’t let the carpet be incompatible with the existing decorations. Plus, for a narrow room, you shouldn’t apply a busy theme like the Bohemian style so that it doesn’t seem more crowded.

Choose the Right Color and Pattern
Play with the pattern and color of the carpet can help the room look more spacious Soft colors like white, cream, and other light colors can be selected. Also adjust to the lighting in the room, where for a bright room you can choose a warm-colored carpet. We recommend that you do not choose a motif that is large or too complicated. A striped rug can make a room look longer.

Those are 3 tips for choosing a carpet so that a narrow room can look wider, let’s try it right away!

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