It’s no secret that the earth is getting hotter day by day. This is due to the depletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Not only outside the room, sometimes even inside the house we are too hot. You also do everything you can to get cooler air temperatures. For that, you need home insulation. Home insulation can support you in implementing energy-saving movements from home. The following are the types of home insulation that are commonly applied. You can get this done using home insulation company service.

Wall Insulation
The walls of the house become a common part and are often insulated. If you have a hollow wall (there are gaps between the walls), usually insulation material will be inserted into the cavity or gap and then covered with cement. However, if the walls of your house are solid walls, external or internal insulation will usually be applied.

Roof Insulation
On the roof, the insulation can be applied. The way to do this is to insulate the bottom of the attic. But there are also those who do insulation on the ceiling of the house. But of course, you have to use a material that is light enough and doesn’t burden the roof so it doesn’t collapse or be damaged. There are many types of roof insulation sold in the market, but the most widely sold are aluminum foil roof insulation, glass wool, and bubble foil.

Door And Window Insulation
For door and window insulation you do not need any insulating materials. It is enough to use a window or door with two panes of glass. This helps the house to stay warm and avoids noise from outside the house.

Floor Insulation
This part may be quite expensive, as it will need to be disassembled if no previous insulation measures have been taken. Therefore quite a lot of considerations to do this insulation. It is best to plan for the insulation while building the house.

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