Initially, clients used dallas staffing company services to find candidates with special skills or to get candidates for executive positions. Along with the development of the business, these services have expanded to search for candidates of various levels and expertise. In addition, the labor market is increasingly competitive, so many companies are trying to attract the best candidates. Before using the service it’s a good idea to know the type of company they are. Because it affects the firm’s expertise in providing candidates for its clients.

A traditional agency is a type of recruitment agency that will bring together companies and candidates. The agency will only charge corporate clients, not candidates. In general, they have candidate data of various skills. But some specialize in serving companies and candidates from certain industries. For example manufacturing, sales and marketing, technology and information, finance, and others.

Some agencies only seek candidates for executive and/or senior positions for a certain period. It is said that from here emerged the term headhunter aka targeting someone to occupy the position of leader. This type of agency will contact the best candidates and often approach executives who are not actively looking for a new job. The goal is to see whether the person concerned is interested in joining a new company or not.

A temporary agency is a recruitment agency that is looking for candidates to fill temporary jobs in a company. For example, a client needs a temporary admin position ahead of the holidays or a report writer at the end of the year. Temporary agencies also often place professional consultants on short-term assignments. Not even a few agencies have expanded their roles from temporary to permanent. Because clients often ask temporary workers to become permanent employees. At first glance, the temp agency system is similar to an outsourcing company. Because the agency will pay temporary employees. If the client requests a temporary employee to become permanent, then the relationship between the agency and the employee ends.

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