Increasing traffic on the website can be done by the digital marketing agency in various ways and SEO is one of them. This free traffic makes it easier for marketers to develop personal and corporate websites. You can look for King Kong SEO reviews to see how they help businesses. Of course, the higher the traffic, the greater the chance of getting the attention of the audience. That way, there are many advantages that marketers get when they can use the website properly. However, increasing website traffic can also be done using other ways. In practice, there are various types of traffic that marketers can use to develop their websites.

Traffic is an important element when marketers want to improve online marketing using website SEO. Direct traffic shows that people already know your brand, then they type it themselves in the search field. For example, the name of the store is Bintang Mas, so they will type it directly into the browser. The use of direct traffic requires hard work in building brand awareness in the audience. This can be done by doing online or offline advertising. For example, renting billboards, distributing pamphlets, and so on. But despite these advantages, the use of direct traffic is less effective in the long term.

Using referral traffic can also maximize website SEO. Referral traffic is an effective type of website traffic because visitors will enter your website through other websites. So they will click on your website link that is on another website. Referral traffic can be done by guest blogging and then inputting your website link to other people’s websites.

If someone finds a link through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, then clicks on it and goes to your website, then this is called social traffic. Website SEO using social traffic requires a large number of followers on social media. While on Facebook, you can build a community or fan page to increase social traffic.

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