You can cook with steam, hot air, convection, or a combination of the three in a three-in-one oven called a combi oven. A best commercial combi oven can replace a separate steamer and a convection oven when food is prepared professionally, saving time, space, and money. We’ll start by discussing how to use a combi oven and what you can cook in one.

Traditional roasting can cause a cut of meat to lose up to a third of its weight since all the natural moisture is successfully removed from the food. Your clients or residents will enjoy a more tender and “fuller” joint thanks to a gentle steam flow in the oven that will reduce shrinking and weight loss.

When a combi oven is properly configured and has the right quantity of moisture, a 3-kilogram chicken cooks in an average of 45 minutes instead of the usual 2 hours. The ability to cook various foods simultaneously, such as roasting meat, potatoes, and vegetables, is made possible by the climate control feature.

Fish meals are best cooked by steaming because it minimizes shrinking while preserving the delicate flavor and essential nutrients of fish. Because of the steam injection, the product won’t dry out and crack. Modern technology allows the oven to precisely control the amount of steam it adds to the food you are cooking.

Broccoli, carrots, young potatoes, and other common side dishes will maintain more of their nutritional value and natural color when cooked in steam as opposed to boiling, which is significant whether you’re cooking in a care facility, hotel, or professional restaurant kitchen.

A combi can bake foods evenly and crisply without burning the edges when it is operating as a fan oven in “convection” mode. As it should be, the food’s interior is kept wet and flavorful thanks to the steam infusion.

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