When asked how King Kong became Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, founder Sabri Suby said his team practices what they preach: “We’ve had no choice, being bootstrapped, but there’s no smarter way to grow.”

The serial entrepreneur from Melbourne talked to Dynamic Business about bootstrapping King Kong to $10 million in revenue and beyond, the agency’s most recent honor of being ranked 35th on the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) Fast Starters List, and why Australia’s digital marketing agencies need to step up their game. Read more about King Kong’s PPC customer reviews on the internet so that you will know how good it is.

1. What does King Kong’s Fast Starters ranking reveal about him?

– Suby: I founded the company in my bedroom three and a half years ago with no funding, venture capital, or safety net. I only had a computer, a headset, and fifty dollars. In addition to the fact that I was entering an extremely competitive sector, the market already had a huge number of digital marketing firms. My team and I used direct-response marketing strategies to expand King Kong, and our extraordinary success is evidence that these strategies are effective.

Therefore, I would say that our capacity to expand a business is demonstrated by the fact that we are the fastest-growing digital agency in Australia and that we are ranked 35th on the AFR Fast Starters List. Additionally, our corporate culture plays a role in our success. Since we are a service-based company, our employees and our knowledge ARE our product. To give our clients the finest results possible, we’ve put a lot of effort into developing the ideal culture within our team as well as nurturing and advancing team members. It’s ironic that while many business coaches and agencies advise clients on how to expand their businesses, they don’t always put their advice into action themselves.

It’s great to have my long-held belief that King Kong is the only full-service digital marketing agency growing at the rate it is confirmed. I think we’re still at the beginning of our trip despite all the milestones we’re starting to reach and the successes we’re starting to see.

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